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who am i (and what do i do with my time)?

  • 1. anything related about technology! i enjoy building computers and learning about the latest and greatest in cyberspace.
  • 2. watching formula 1 and other forms of motorsport that turn both left and right (looking at you, NASCAR)
  • 3. cybersec, infosec, and OSINT
  • 4. bubble tea
  • 5. gnu/linux and the open source software movement (opensuse+arch btw)
  • 6. lord of the rings and conlangs (quenya!!)
  • 7. linux ricing in my free time

my academic interests and achievements

  • computer science
    • ACSL finalist
    • machine learning (my current field of interest/research/study)
    • system administration with unix/linux
    • web development (but i'm happy to do any sort of software development)
    • applied mathematics with cs
    • interested in cybersec/infosec
  • robotics
    • captain of 8405 millburn robotics
    • i'm very interested in applications of cs in robotics, particularly in control theory and robot automation.
  • biology/chemistry
    • USABO semifinalist
    • ARBC regionals #1
    • bioinformatics and applied cs in biology
    • protein folding and protein structure research
    • biochem and organic chem seems pretty fun as well! (though i only know a very elementary level of organic chem)
  • physics
    • currently prepping for f=ma/USAPhO