About me

Hi there! I'm justanotherinternetguy (real name: Hendry). I'm a teeanger learning to code in my free time. Ever since middle school, I've been very interested in any field of science related or computers or engineering. I enjoy learning and working with various disciplines of computing, including web development, AI/Machine Learning, and Cybersec/Cryptography. Feel free to contact me on on Discord. Aside from computer science, I also enjoy watching Formula 1, Robotics, and Biology.


I enjoy working with all sorts of languages, toolchains, and frameworks.

  • Python
    • 4+ years
    • Tensorflow, Pytorch, Pandas - Training ML models
      • Used the YOLO object detection model with Pytorch
    • Pygame - Game development
    • Flask - Backend web development
    • Numpy, Matplotlib - Data analysis and visualization
    • Requests, Bs4 - Web scraping
  • Java
    • 2+ years
    • Competitive programming
    • Experience in FTC robotics programming with Java
    • Processing - Framework for graphics
  • C++
    • 1+ years
    • Competitive programming
    • PROS library for VEX AI Robotics
    • 2+ years
    • React framework for webdev
  • Nim
    • Currently learning as a side hobby in order to expand my perspectives on language paradigms
Python C++ HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Nim
Tailwind CSS TensorFlow PyTorch NumPy Processing Foundation Bootstrap Sass Flask Node.js
Neovim Visual Studio Code PyCharm IntelliJ IDEA Arch Linux GitHub Vercel LaTeX Alacritty LibreOffice GNOME KDE Open Source Initiative


  • Currently teaching a full semester of coding with the Scratch programming language at my local Chinese school
  • Member of 8405 Millburn Robotics - FTC